Our Features

Project Framework

Project proposal is captured in the system in a structured manner inputting project details, activities, outputs, outcome and results indicators setting the time plan for action, finance plan in monthly budgets and monitoring plans. Master data collected categorising the geographic locations of the project, target groups, resources, benefit groups and cost centre details.

Overall time plan assigned initially for the whole project period and then segmented into monthly event plans with details of their location, resource requirement, action points and staff responsibility. Outputs and Outcome are set along with the indicators statement detailed into target group and change indicators. Time plan for overall action, monthly activities and micro level events assigned and tracked for their timely completion. Results indicators are set with quarterly results target and being updated every quarter.

Financial plans are captured with their monthly budget plans and updated every month for their actual utilisation. Project progress is captured on timeline, action/event completion, quality of the immediate outputs, output indicators and outcome indicators.

M&E Framework

M&E framework with three broad categories of outputs/outcome set in line with the monitoring policies of the organisation. Project progress information, Monitoriing System indicators automated and dImensions of the project through manually recording appropriate questions and answers in the form of indicators and process monitoring.

M&E framework is set in such a manner that it gets feedback from the project framework data and monitoring system. It generates information required for monitoring effectively instantaneously.

Monitoring System

Monitoring system is set and automatically pull information from the project framework data on completions, delays, exceptions and explanations for such deviations.

M&E framework design is in-built in the application with various components such as Documentary confirmation, Physical verification whereas applicable, Change observation with their qualitative attributes, logical analysis of linking the action to results cause and effect, performance of all resources on and above the updates from the project framework.

Monitoring team is assigned with setting the levels of the above confirmations, check and balances and setting the in-built monitoring system on. Further the MIS and reports to be submitted by the project holder and their time interval along with critical monitoring areas are set in the system.

MIS reports received by the monitoring team has to record its observation and changes in contex if any.